Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup: Day One

Sunday last I played a soccer game. On Tuesday I coached Aidan. On Wednesday I played, and Brennan played. On Thursday I coached Aidan's practice. Tomorrow I coach Aidan's game in the morning, then watch Brennan play in the afternoon. On Sunday I play again.

I obviously very much love the Beautiful Game.

Today, World Cup 2006 started with two games. The first one went the way I called it in my pool, the second not so much. I predicted Germany would beat Costa Rica, and they did, 4-2. I believe the commentator was saying during the game that the previous ten World Cup openers had accounted for a grand total of only nine goals. One game and two-thirds of that number. Amazing.

For the second game, I'd picked a draw between Poland and Ecuador, but the South Americans were too much for the Poles, who lost 2-0. Poland had some chances and rang a couple off the iron, but frankly, they're looking like they'll let down their fans just like they did in 2002.

Tomorrow, I'm attempting to be up to watch England play at 6am. Supposed to be at a friend's house for it. He'll be feeding us, so chances are decent I'll be there, since free food goes well with great soccer.

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