Saturday, March 10, 2007

Aidan, Opening Up a Science Fair-Sized Can of Whupass

Yes, that would be my son with a gold medal and a slightly more ostentatious item, the Ministry of Environment - Environment Award (Special). The trophy stays with the school for the year, but he received a suitable-for-framing certificate as well as a $50 gift certificate for Books and Company.

Six kids from his school, six gold medals, and three other special awards. These kids rocked today!
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I forgot to mention the experiment, which involved making a "glacier" and then shining a lamp into a covered terrarium and seeing how long it too for the glacier to melt and how fast the temperature rose. This was repeated after CO2 was added to the mix, and then again with CO2 added twice. The third time, the glacier did melt faster.

For added fun, he built a little city of Monopoly pieces, and the idiots who built down by the seashore were flooded out each time. Made for a nice graphic.
Congradulation! This is truely a timely and imporant experiement!

Dr. Eric Rapaport
important. I can spell.
Way to go Aidan! And the experts said it couldn't be done...

Dr. Stephen Rader
You rock, Aidan! Good work!
Congratulations father and son!
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