Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Settling In

We're now in our house in Saskatoon. We gave up possession of our Prince George home on July 25, having stayed with friends the night before, since all our worldly goods had been loaded into three containers. After cleaning and minor details were finished on Friday we left for Peace River and stayed there with Jo's family until Thursday, when we left for Edmonton to stay with my parents in their own new home. Then we drove to Toontown on the holiday Monday and stayed from then until Thursday night at a friend's place (said friend thankfully out of town, so that we weren't tripping over each other). I started work on Tuesday, we got the keys on Friday, stayed at a hotel that night, and then the movers brought us our lives back (minus all the unpacking and moving stuff back and forth) on Saturday.

It's been almost unbearably hot here, although today cooled off nicely. The house is great on the inside, needs a lot of work in the yard. The neighbours are great, and we've been over for beers at Dean and Sandy's already. Pictures will follow, once all the boxes are squared away.

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Congrats on surviving the move -- I shudder just thinking about the joy of unpacking. We still have boxes in the garage.

Gee, I guess you didn't want to hear that, eh?

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