Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Crazy Soccer Weekend

The boys had another tournament this weekend, and being the coach, that meant I did as well. Brennan played three games, a 3-2 win on Friday, and unfortunate last-minute 2-2 tie on Saturday (in which Brennan played his heart out), and a pasting on Sunday, losing 10-2 to the eventual winners, a team from Humboldt that ravaged everything in its path. These kids were like ancient Vikings, leaving burning villages and stacks of bodies behind. They scored something like 35 goals in 4 games, allowing only 5. It was ugly.

Aidan's team played twice on Saturday. They lost the first one 6-2, but it was a weird one, seeing how they could have just as easily won 6-3. Bad luck on both ends and a lack of finishing got us. But the size of the pools meant we only had to win our next game to guarantee a spot in the semi-finals, and so we did, manhandling the host team 9-3. Aidan, our keeper, actually played out for that game, scoring once and assisting on one or two.

So the next day we faced the other team from Aurora, our club. We took the lead 5 whole seconds into the game, and then they scored the next two, but it would have been far worse if not for Aidan slamming the door. Then, with only two or three minutes left, we scored to tie things up, and so when the whistle blew we went to penalty kicks. Of our five kickers, only one missed the net. One of the players from the other team also missed the net, but the difference was that Aidan also made a save, and just like that we were on to the final.

As luck would have it, the final (which was this morning at 9, today being a holiday for some) was against the team that beat us. Today we reversed that, two quick goals followed by a later one taking the wind out of their sails, and when they scored one to give themselves a new lease on life, Aidan promptly shut them down, making all sorts of huge saves (although none as big as in the semi-final, when he stopped them on a two on nothing rush). Then we scored one more in the second half, and after that the boys did all they could to keep the defense nice and tight. I was very proud of them. And pumped, of course, to say nothing of being pleased that as coach I actually got a gold medal as well.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Creating the Movie: Update Two

Knowing full well that I'm being spoiled and that most authors do not get this kind of treatment from the filmmakers, I'm here to tell you that yesterday Jean-Francois sent me an update and a PDF of the movie's script, asking for my input on what he's done. However, he also told me that he had "added one story element, modified personality traits, changed and/or removed much of the dialogue, and the title itself." And he said that if I was worried this might fret me a little too much, I could always pass on reading the script.

My answer was that this is his baby now. No matter what happens to the movie, the story is still my story. The movie is a separate artistic vision and I'm keen to see how it turns out. I figure if you're not too wedded to your idea, you can get by without too much angst. If Neil Gaiman had gotten upset about the addition of Wybie in Coraline, or Rob Sawyer about new plot elements and a changed time frame in Fastforward, well, perhaps we wouldn't have seen a genuinely great movie or be anticipating what will hopefully be a very exciting television series.

I've read the script. I'm aware that it isn't necessarily the final draft, but I will note that I'm pleased with what I've read. The title, which I won't reveal just yet, has a potential problem, which I've mentioned to Jean-Francois, but at the same time it isn't a bad title, and perhaps makes sense in a less... punnish fashion. And there are some minor issues in the script that I think can easily be fixed.

But it's still a moving story, and best of all, he retains the personal touches that made this (and here's a big reveal) a love letter to my wife. And for that I'm grateful.

He's also mentioned that a storyboard has been done, and I'm hopeful I'll be able to see scans of that, and perhaps even share a frame or two with you all. The script takes some of its imagery into orbit, which is something the story didn't do, as it was all from the POV of Jackie. I like his descriptions of what we see in space; it adds some excellent tension, even for those familiar with the story.

Hopefully I'll soon be able to tell you more. In the meantime, rest assured that it still looks good.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

An Update on the Movie News

So, many ages ago I had posted that I'd been approached about turning one of my short stories into a short film. You can read a little about it here, as well as read the story itself.

Almost two years since I was initially contacted, but I was warned in advance that this would likely be the way things worked, largely because the filmmaker has to raise the money the old-fashioned way, since he's relatively new to this business.

Anyhow, I've now signed a contract and been paid for the option. The filmmaker is Jean-Francois Da Sylva, and he's made one other film (that I know of), The Grandfather Paradox, based on a short story by Edward M. Lerner. And it's not too bad a film, I have to say.

So, that's it. Not exactly Hollywood, but I think it's quite cool and really look forward to seeing another vision of the words I've worked on my own. I'll try to post updates as I have them, but even a short film can take some time to make, especially when you're trying to do so low to the ground.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Customer Service Can Still Exist

In the mailbox today: my new Blu Ray disc of Baraka, replaced by the company that made it when it turned out a large batch of the discs had a flaw that prevented them from playing all the way through. This caused me some consternation, naturally, since the transfer to Blu Ray is among the finest I've seen, and the movie is the sort that should be enjoyed with the best picture possible. An email was sent, they asked me to mail them the faulty disc, and Lo!, today I have my new copy, in a plastic jewel case, to boot, instead of the flimsy cardboard of the previous version.

This is a way to keep a customer happy.


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