Friday, February 13, 2009

An Update on the Movie News

So, many ages ago I had posted that I'd been approached about turning one of my short stories into a short film. You can read a little about it here, as well as read the story itself.

Almost two years since I was initially contacted, but I was warned in advance that this would likely be the way things worked, largely because the filmmaker has to raise the money the old-fashioned way, since he's relatively new to this business.

Anyhow, I've now signed a contract and been paid for the option. The filmmaker is Jean-Francois Da Sylva, and he's made one other film (that I know of), The Grandfather Paradox, based on a short story by Edward M. Lerner. And it's not too bad a film, I have to say.

So, that's it. Not exactly Hollywood, but I think it's quite cool and really look forward to seeing another vision of the words I've worked on my own. I'll try to post updates as I have them, but even a short film can take some time to make, especially when you're trying to do so low to the ground.

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Congratulations! Great news!
WooHoo! Way to go Darryl!

How soon can I casually mention in class about my close personal friend whose film has just been released?

Seriously, though, even though this is not Hollywood, I think having another artist pick out YOUR story has to speak volumes about your artistic standing -- here's a guy who not only says (like the rest of us) that you are a talented writer, he is putting his money (well, somebody's money -- and definitely his own artistic career) where his mouth is. Imitation may be thought of as the highest form of flattery (somewhat debased since the internet made cut and paste so easy) but I think optioning beats it.

Course, getting paid ain't bad either! Congratulations on all fronts!
Fabulous! This is totally great news.
Robert's right -- it's fabulous that someone likes your writing enough to put money on it, but the fact that it's an artist in his own right who believes that much in your work is truly wonderful.

Thanks, all. I'll post more thoughts later on why I think he chose the story (aside from the usual ego-boo thoughts, that is). And answers to questions like How long?

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