Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Napier's Bones Hardcover Art - Third Go

Martin Springett really went to town with his drawings inspired by his reading of Napier's Bones, and I'm very much enjoying sharing them here. Some of you may have attended the reading I gave in Calgary, of a scene that takes place in London, alongside and then atop the Thames (yes, atop). This drawing, a quick rough sketch, was one of two Martin did from that scene, and it just delights me to see a scene I wrote come to life like this.

As usual, you can buy the limited edition hardcover here. Remember that you have to do so by January 2, 2011. As well, if all you want is the trade paperback without Martin's very cool artwork, you can pre-order it online from all of the major book retailers.

Finally, I've been advised that ARCs of the book (Advance Review Copies) have gone out today. I'll be interested to see how quickly reviews start to pop up.

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