Wednesday, October 19, 2005

First Photos Up

Well, I promised I wouldn't be doing little tiny posts with only a pointer, but I will take this moment to announce that my first batch of photos are now up on Flickr. At the moment I've only uploaded my B&W pics from the Holga, but more will follow. Three were ported over, the rest are new.

The Holga, for those who didn't read my explanation at the old digs, is a cheap ($22US) camera that uses 120 medium format film. The lens is plastic, it only exposes for direct or indirect sun, and only focuses at four different points (about which there is some guesswork). Best of all, I have to tape it up to keep down the worst of the light leaks, and I have to assume that there will be light falloff in the corners. In other words, this is the complete antithesis of digital.

The B&W I've been shooting is XP2, which is developed in colour process. Someday I'll have a darkroom again, but that day won't be soon.

Update: A better link, and a whole swack of photos added.

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