Monday, October 24, 2005

Quarter Century

Back from a weekend in Jasper (there for Jo's brother's wedding) to news that I have sold my 25th short story. This one is called "Over the Darkened Landscape" and will be in Julie Czerneda's Mythspring, coming in 2006 from Fitzhenry & Whiteside. I'm pleased for a couple of reasons beyond the obvious with this one: it's my second sale in a row to Julie for her YA books; it's written under my name instead of as Matt Walker (not that I don't like Matt or anything, but it's nice to mix it up); it's the first of what I hope will be a small series of stories about Mackenzie King, Psychic Detective.

I did a count today, the first time in awhile I'd bothered with such minutiae, and discovered that this sale puts me over 130,000 words of original fiction sold. I find that funny, having had such a hard time finishing the novel, a novel that when the edits are done will clock in at only a tad more than half of that total length. Perhaps there's a lesson to be learned from this.

Congrats on the sale! I'm looking forward to reading it. 8)
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