Thursday, November 17, 2005

Martin and Castro, Sitting in a Tree

So get this: a nutbag by the name of Brian Maloney (close, yes, but not quite the same name) was filling in for even nuttier bag Michelle Malkin and somehow barfed this out with his keyboard:

"Keep a sharp eye on fresh developments in both Canada and Cuba, two countries with rogue, corrupt and repressive regimes that don't know when to cut their losses and leave town."


"Then, to Canada, where Prime Minister Paul Martin's corrupt band of Librano$ are still clinging to power, but the situation is ever more tenuous."

Among other things, of course. But the best part of the whole thing is the title, all in caps: EVIL REGIMES SET TO TOPPLE? Maloney is, no surprise, an American.

Now, I don't hold a lot of deep love for the current EVIL REGIME here in Canada; there are plenty of thieves and liars and politicians in the lot, enough to put me off my lunch just about any day of the week. But honestly, a good portion of the EVIL REGIME was actually already replaced (yes, I'm one of those idiots who think Paul Martin wasn't part of the process. Stupid and blinkered, yes, but not EVIL).

This all reminds me that earlier this week, as I listened to threats of toppling the government and making us spend more money on another election (and listened to my wife comment on how tired she is of hearing people be so angry), I spent some free mental time - defined as pretty much all moments spent at work - thinking up new slogans for our political parties.

Such as:

Liberals - It's not like you were using that money anyhow.

Conservatives - Equal rights for a simple majority! (Everybody else, back of the bus.)

NDP - No, really, today we're firm on that. But check back tomorrow.

No ideas about the Bloc yet. I welcome thoughts. And in the meantime, please join me in cheering on any attempt by neocon freaks to influence Canadian political thought, since such attempts remind us of the joys that await our society if we vote in a Conservative majority government.

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