Wednesday, November 23, 2005

This Week's Corrections

In the lead article of November 23's Prince George Free Press, we apologize for our author using the word "upmost" when it is likely he actually meant to use "utmost." We realize that the definitions of the two words might be marginally similar, but we also accept that it is unlikely the author has even heard the first word used, except perhaps during little events that run inside his skull.

We also apologize for the same author using the nonexistent word "its'" in an article on page A10. While not directly dealing with the sloppy placement of an apostrophe in this particular word, we have recommended to the author that he regularly refer to this useful reference tool.

We also regret the wealth of illiterate buffoons who reared their ugly heads in the leadup to last week's civic elections and the fact that they showed off their own particular knowledge deficits in our "Prince George Votes" insert. In particular, we regret the following:

We don't promise that these were the only errors for this week, but we're honestly too tired and irritated to continue looking. But we'll likely be back with more next week.


What a mess!

-- Jena
I beg your pardon, but what's wrong with "its"?

Just use it correctly.
Anonymous (if that is indeed your real name), the quotation marks get in the way. The word is Its' and if you can see more clearly here, there is an apostrophe at the end of the word. That doesn't exist.

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