Friday, December 02, 2005

A Few Trips Around the Block

I know I probably said something about mostly writing longer screeds and not doing that whole buncha-little-links thing, but there are some excellent sites out there worthy of your attention:

The first is Olduvai George, a natural history illustration blog by artist Carl Buell.

Here is a trip across the solar system, where each pixel represents 1000km.

Eye Level is a blog produced by the Smithsonian Art Museum, and is a great journey through the world and the history of fine art.

is a blog of books, of book illustrations, of what the host calls "Visual Materia Obscura."

Treehugger is a central location for finding all the green products you could possibly think of, and many that you likely never would, and ways to get them.

Hassenpfeffer, by Canadian SF author Ed Willett, is a blog that links to all sorts of science stories.

Late Addition: Tris McCall reviews Christmas music and does so with bite and a wee bit of nasty language, so watch out. From the review of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas," it says "[t]he carol notable for explicity thematizing how aggressive the act of caroling is. Demanding figgy pudding and then refusing to stop singing until the claim is filled -- that's supposed to be fun. Yeah, sure. This kind of street harassment will get you a couple of hard months at Rikers."

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