Saturday, December 17, 2005

Friday Falls on a Saturday This Week

Work is crazy busy this time of year, and all week I had to wake up at 5:30 to get in for a 6:30 start. Not so bad in and of itself, except that all that walking and carrying has helped to wear me down. All of which is said to note why I haven't been posting, and why I forgot to do my Friday Random Ten yesterday. Anyhow, here it is:

Madeleine's Song - Paul Kelly
Take the "A" Train - Mel Torme
Boneyard Tree - The Watchmen
Baby Ran - 54-40
Bring Back Your Love to Me - John Hiatt
The Pretty Place - Paul Kelly
Adios Lounge - Thelonius Monster with Tom Waits
Long View - Green Day
Hotel California - The Eagles
Red River Rising - James Keelaghan

Bonus Track: Because Elaine once mentioned that she would prefer these lists give her links to actual, you know, music, a little later on Mike Doughty's killer tune Looking at the World From the Bottom of a Well came on. Doughty used to be with Soul Coughing (a group I know of, but I don't know them, if you know what I mean. Y'know?). Anyhow, I'll be seeking out his album when I go to Edmonton for Christmas. All a direct result of him offering a non-DRM version of his tune online.

Mel Torme followed by The Watchmen. Bizarre.

I have searched for info on the Friday Random Ten. What is it? Where did it originate? Is it only for people with iPods?
Yeah, it's an iPod thing. There are quite a few blogs I read that post the 1st ten tunes played every Friday. I don't know where it started.

Torme followed by the Watchmen brought a smile to my face. It's part of what I love about the Shuffle feature, the strange juxtapositions, as well as the logical ones.

I don't remember mentioning that! But it seems like a great idea, if you've got the links handy.

- Elaine :)
Elaine, I left the link in the posting. Go to Doughty's page and follow the links from there. And I'm sure it was your blog where I read it, but I could be wrong. Been a while.

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