Sunday, January 08, 2006

No Longer a Bridesmaid

For years and years now Gardner Dozois has liked my short fiction enough to often give me an Honorable Mention in his Year's Best Science Fiction series (last year brought the 22nd edition of this great series, incidentally). But as the saying goes, that and fifty cents (well, more, these days) gets me a cup of coffee. Or, that and a boot to the head gives me a headache. It has always been a pleasure to see my name singled out in his books, and the first time he gave me an HM was an incredible rush.

Today an email arrived from Gardner, telling me that he had selected "Mayfly," a story I co-wrote with Peter Watts and that appeared in Tesseracts 9, for publication in this year's edition of YBSF. A whole new rush, this. Yowza!

Addendum: Nalo points to a review in Booklist, posted here at Amazon. In it Peter and I are called "rising sf stars." I like the sound of that.

Congratulations Derryl, this is a long overdue sf shoutout, well deserved! Very proud of and happy for you. - R
Hey, can I be the wedding photographer? :)

Congratulations, Derryl -- like Randy said, long overdue and well deserved!
Derryl, that's great! Congratulations! (I also mentioned your and Peter's latest success on my blog. Shameless name-dropping, I know.) Good going!
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