Sunday, January 22, 2006

SF Writers Behaving Like Bookies

In a recent online conversation, fellow Canadian author Doug Smith and I found we disagreed with each other over who was going to win today's NFC Championship game. I say the Seahawks, and Doug says the Panthers. Being sensible fans, we made a bet. I gave Doug a spread of 3.5 points (which means that Seattle has to win by more than a field goal for me to win this bet), and the winner gets to kill the loser in an upcoming story, while the loser has to give the winner a good walk-on in another story.

Cheaper than cash, and more fun to boot. To say nothing of giving you more egotistical rantings of log-rolling writers.

Nice wager!

If only I knew something about football and I could get in on the action.
Not being one to pay attention to sports, which team won??
We must cheer for Seattle. Pittsburgh has won before, Seattle has never been to The Show. Go 'hawks.
Seattle won, 34-14. And yeah, Randy, besides the fact that the Seahawks are my favourite team (with the Chargers a close 2nd), that they've never even been, much less won, means they would have automatically made the cut for me.

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