Monday, January 16, 2006

Things That Are Handy to Know

As you can see by this map, Prince George (near the top right) is in a dangerous location when it comes to animal attacks. Why, shortly after we moved here a student on her way to the university was charged by a cow moose.

As a genuine public service, free weekly tabloid PG This Week yesterday ran a tremendously informative article entitled "Shark attacks are still a real threat despite precautions." And indeed, the precautions we take up here are many, including cages for the kids when they attend their Saturday morning swim classes, as well as warning signs posted by all large potholes, at least when the snow melts.

But those precautions are definitely not enough; just last week a cute puppy was decapitated by a Northern Pine Shark when the puppy ventured too close to an open piece of water at Shane Lake. No skating on that lake for the rest of the winter, let me assure you!

I look forward to yet more useful articles from our excellent local press, and to the opportunity to share them all with everyone. In the meantime, keep an eye out for those sharks.

I'm with you there. I especially love the indepth stories on shopping in Toronto, athletes from Calgary, and how everyone is going to Torino to promote what Prince George has to offer. Yet we can't read about it in our local papers. I bet I'd learn more if I hung out in Italy.
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