Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Award Info

Two nomination forms are now out. The Aurora Awards form is here in PDF. The Locus Poll is here.

The Locus Poll has a drop-down menu which includes, in the Short Story category, "Mayfly," the story written by Peter Watts and me. That story and also "Summer's Humans" are eligible in the Best Short-Form Work in English category in the Auroras. The book where "Summer's Humans" first appeared, Wasps at the Speed of Sound, is also eligible for Best Long-Form Work in English. Oh, and "The Day Michael Visited Happy Lake," written by my closest friend Matt Walker for the anthology Fantastic Companions, is also eligible for the short-form award. Elaine Chen's magnificent cover for my book makes her eligible for Artistic Achievement, and On Spec is eligible in Best Work in English (Other).

If anyone is interested in nominating one of these but hasn't read it, let me know and I can fire off a copy via email.

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