Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dem Bones

While working the other day, I looked down the street and for several seconds was sure that I saw the skeleton of a dinosaur lying at the side of the road. Looking closer (and dammit, I wish I'd had a camera), I saw that it was a pile of snow, pushed up by a grader so it looked like a ridge along a spine. What played the real trick on the eyes was that the sun was shining through a fence, and the shadows played along the side of the "body" like a rib cage. Another chunk of snow served nicely as a head at the end of a long neck.

And when you finished work you went back and took a photo, right? Or you're going to today, if the light is the same?
Going to be hard to get there at the right time of day, but I might be able to on Sunday. Hopefully the light will be right and the snow won't have melted - which it might.

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