Thursday, February 02, 2006

Five of My Weird Habits

Walter over at Angel Station posted his own and then put out a sort of generic tag, so I thought I'd take it and run. Understand that because I have Tourette's Syndrome (a very minor form), I'm prone to all sorts of funny little tics and habits. It's finding the right ones to list that's tough.

1. When I walk up or down stairs, I always have to start on my right foot. Coming down, the last step always has to be with my left foot, so that the main floor is started with my right. The exception to this is when I take a new set of stairs where there are so many I can't count them as I approach. I have other right/left balance issues, but that's a biggie.

2. When I play goal in soccer (more often than I'd like, since our keeper has been sidelined much of the indoor season, and I'm the backup), whenever an opponent approaches from the wing, I have to reach out and tap the post to know where I am. Even thought I know damn well where I am and how far away that post is.

3. I like to snap my toes, the big one and the next one, on both feet at the same time. They don't snap like my fingers, obviously.

4. When I take a photo of something out in the natural world, I take a moment to say "Thank you." Not to anyone in particular, but just for the opportunity to see and keep a special moment.

5. When I make toast I have to regularly pop it up and flip it, upside-down and facing the other way from where it was the last time. It doesn't matter how good the toaster is; I do this two to four times, more if I'm feeling somewhat antsy.

So now I'm supposed to tag 5 others? Hmm. Jena, Elaine, Bill, Randy, and Suze.

Hmm. Thanks, D. Like anyone needs to know even more of my weird habits! But hey, I'm game.
I do the toe-snapping thing too, oddly enough.
#3: I do this constantly. A few months ago I bruised a tendon in my left foot that makes this painful, so it's really frustrating to only be able to "snap" my toes on my right foot.
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