Friday, February 24, 2006

iPod's Random Shots

Today being Friday and all:

Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
Hal-An-Tow - Oyster Band
You've Got a Friend - James Taylor*
It Started With a Kiss - Paul Kelly
The Road to Hell (Part 1) - Chris Rea**
Let it Ride - Ryan Adams & the Cardinals
The Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
Southern Man - Neil Young
Sodajerk - Buffalo Tom

* In high school I was in the band, and our sister program was choir. That program had a jazz choir, which would have better been called MOR choir, complete with white girls who danced about as well as Steve Martin in The Jerk. I still remember them butchering this song, including these strange little sideways chopping motions with the hand, from chest height working down to waist height, all on the beat with the words "Winter, Spring, Summer of Fall." And yet I still like the song.

** This is a frustrating thing about the shuffle feature, since really, Part 1 should have been followed by Part 2.

I used to have the cassette version of "The Road to Hell," but I don't remember it being in two parts. Probably because it was an original version from back in the '80s, and yours is a new one?

The only thing I recall about the cassette was that "Road to Hell" was the only cut worth listening to more than once. The rest... trez boring.
Well, I disagree about the rest being boring; there's some damnfine music there. Parts 1 and 2 seamlessly bleed into each other on the album, but are digitally divided, so that's how iTunes reads them.

Ah, that explains the split. As for boring vs. not boring, I'm going by memory, since the tape disappeared not long after I got it. I swear the kids used to eat them.
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