Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday's Random Ten and Some Other Stuff

Black Cadillac - Rosanne Cash
Life's Railway to Heaven - Johnny Cash with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Listen to the Music - The Doobie Brothers
Station - Meat Puppets
Just What I Needed - The Cars
Going Back to Georgia - Nanci Griffith
It's My Life - Talk Talk
Memphis in the Meantime - John Hiatt
Jeremy - Pearl Jam
Did I Let You Down? - Folksongs For The Afterlife

Had a helluva soccer game today. Three goals scored in the first half, but then I came down hard on my ankle early in the second half. Seeing how we haven't had a regular keeper this year I've been the keeper (our manager was in goal at first, doing his level best, but it just isn't his position), so I went back in. Made a ton of big saves, but let in two tough ones, and we ended up losing 10-6. Since we had no subs and I wasn't the only injury, nothing to be ashamed of.

Jo and the boys come home tomorrow after a week in Alberta. About time, too; this house has been too quiet.

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