Sunday, March 19, 2006

Keeping Those Balls in the Air

I can juggle. When I turned 13, as a joke Mom and Dad bought me the book Juggling For The Complete Klutz (because I was a klutz: get it?). I fooled them, though, and inside of a couple of hours had taught myself the basics. I still like to juggle now and again.

I can't, however, juggle quite as well as Chris Bliss.

A lot of pro jugglers can't say anthing nice about Chris Bliss. As a non-juggler myself, any time there are more objects than hands involved in an activity I'm impressed--but the prestidigitators who have mastered the multiball seem to scorn Bliss.

One of them made a "rebuttal" video: a 5-ball version of the Bliss video (with the same soundtrack). My socks were certainly rocked.
Wow. He was FAST. I also bought my 13 year old a juggling kit for Christmas. He's mastered basic juggling, and can easily flip two knives back and forth, but hasn't yet got the knack of three. My poor linoleum will never be the same.
Carrington, the rebuttal video looks like it was made with cuts, and of course without a live audience. Impressive, yes, but of a different sort.

When are you going to blog again? Hell, will the Movie Punks ever return?

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