Friday, April 07, 2006

Dealing With the Week

So I've got this big head cold right now, all sorts of cotton candy floating around inside my head, only it's yellow and green, not pink. Yum. Aidan's had the same thing, although his chest has been giving him trouble as well. In fact, yesterday we were on our way home when he had an asthma attack (only the second in a year or more). We were on the road without his puffer, and I promptly turned on the four-way flashers and drove like a wild man, in and out of traffic and at somewhat illegal speeds. Of course, some of this was prompted by Aidan's initial complaint about his throat, at which point I worried that he was instead having an anaphylactic reaction. In the end all was good, though, and surprisingly no RCMP came walking up the driveway at any point last night.

Jo's out of town still, in Tucson from Tuesday to Sunday. In the past month or two she's also been to North Bay, Nanaimo, Vancouver, and with the boys to Peace River. I go to Seattle for a con next week, and then the day after I'm back she's gone to Vancouver. I have a vague memory of what she looks like, but I'm sure the dog will recognize her smell when she comes back.

Things to look at: a wonderful story about a sneaky golden retriever; Potluck Cafe, which hires, among others, street people, feeds some 3000 free meals and 600 subsidized meals per month, and runs on an actual business model; Alien Life, a blog that rounds up all the eponymous news (and gave a shout out to one of my stories a week or so ago); and Jefitoblog, where I find out about all sorts of new (and old) music, download to sample tracks, and read intelligent criticism.


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