Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My Letter to Don Cherry

Dear Mr. Cherry,

I applaud your taking a moment on Coach's Corner (last night) to honour the memory of the fallen Windsor police officer. However, I'm appalled that you would make a blanket statement about liberals (or lefties; 24 hours to cool my temper has added 24 hours of other memories) not caring about police.

Yeah, I'm a small-l liberal. I'm also the son of a former police officer, the nephew of a former police officer who was once injured on the job, my oldest friend (since we were 2) is an RCMP member, and I have many other friends who proudly serve.

Blanket and offhand statements such as yours only serve to foster anger and distrust, to say nothing of dishonouring the sacrifices made by those officers, serving or otherwise, (and of their families) who don't happen to share all of your political views. And the funny thing is, I'm not angered by what you said, only disappointed and saddened.

I'm glad that I missed Don Cherry's latest dose of stupidity. It sounds like he outdid himself.

My personal fave: the way he doles out advice to kids and yaps about how great a hit So-and-So made in the same breath. *shakes head*
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