Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup: Days Two and Three

I suck at making picks, it seems. In fact, Aidan has 12 points for a tie of the lead in our group, while at 8 points I'm only ahead of the person who forgot to pick for yesterday.

Glad England won yesterday, which I did watch with a couple of friends. They stunk for most of the game, however, something I had predicted, but not well enough, since I called for a draw in that game. I thought Sweden would have it easy with Trinidad & Tobago, but no, that game was a draw. I did pick Argentina to win, but so did everyone else.

Today I was right about the Netherlands and Mexico winning, and wrong about Portugal and Angola fighting to a draw, although again, Angola didn't look so bad.

Closer to home, Aidan's team (which I coach), won 10-1 yesterday. Aidan scored a birthday hat trick, and even though I mixed up the lines and at half time stuck in a goalie who'd never played the position before, we could do no wrong. The goalie even stopped a penalty kick. Later that day Brennan's team won, something like 4 or 4-0, and Brennan got two goals. And then today my own team won 2-0, and I scored the second goal. Should have had two more, but since it's so embarassing, I'll say no more.

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