Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Modern Medicine

Today, after a couple of delays, my father went into the hospital for a procedure called an atrial ablation. A friend recently had this done, and after 3 weeks he was back playing soccer with us. But Dad wasn't so lucky, and after the procedure his heart rate couldn't get up above 30 beats per minute. So they gave him a pacemaker.

Now, I don't know about you, but I picture installing a pacemaker as, you know, surgery. But no, Dad phoned from the speaker phone at about 6pm his time, home and resting. He can't lift his left arm above his head for 4 weeks, can't ride his bike or drive for the same period of time, but he was awake (if a bit drugged up) for the whole time. From scary to amazing in just a few hours.

Please give your father my best regards, and wishes that he recovers quickly.
Sounds like he's doing well. I think surgery is sometimes scarier for loved one's than the one going into surgery. I wish him well soon!
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