Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Disturbing Exercise

I haven't talked to Peter Watts lately, so I haven't asked the impetus of this latest project of his. But of course, being a writer, these things have a habit of busting out when they're good and ready. Go to his Newscrawl and scroll down to August 27 2006: Housecleaning, and then read each entry (aside from the very next one, which is publishing news) going back up to the top. Freaky, creepy stuff, and I'm surprised more on it hasn't been burning up the blogosphere.

Dude, it isn't fiction. I'm down in Oregon even as we speak.
Here's hoping they'll continue to evade capture so we can hear the whole story at some future point. And that it will make sense.

(And dogdamn, is word verification a bitch when you're dyslexic...!)
Ah. Well, I always knew that someday you'd snap. Get some better pictures of those aliens, will you?

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