Tuesday, February 13, 2007

52 Weeks of Moore's Meadow

At the beginning of the year I started a photo project with my Holga, with the intention of getting one good shot a week down in Moore's Meadow, a city park where I often go to clear my mind. As of this moment, the first four weeks are up at my Flickr site, and as more are developed I promise to get them up and put up a notice here.

As a reminder (or as a tutorial to those who may not have read about it before), the Holga is a Chinese-made toy camera, all plastic lens, that uses 120 (medium) format film. The negatives are 6X6 cm, which means that this toy camera uses film normally only used by pros and serious amateurs (or at least, used to, since digital has taken over). There are only four focus settings, and two exposure settings. I also have to tape up the camera to try to fend off light leaks (not always successful, as you can see), and sometimes the corners of the film will bend a little, resulting in a falling-off of focus at the edges.

In short, it's a marvelous camera, and has become very popular. The very hit-and-miss nature of it has added some joy to the process of shooting again, something I've been missing for some years. And getting out to the Meadow each week hasn't hurt, either.

Coming up: three weeks of shots, about to be developed.

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