Monday, February 19, 2007

My Own Take on the Aughts

Bill Shunn has taken a run at naming his best music of the young century, and it got me thinking about what I would add to the list. I certainly can't question his own judgement: being that he has no pint-sized versions of humanity running around the house and siphoning off all his money, he seems better equipped than I to keep up with what the Cool Kids are listening to these days. But I do have a few opinions on albums I would add.






I have nothing yet for 2007, although a few are of interest to me, including the new Arcade Fire. In the meantime, I've deliberately not mentioned my very favorite of each year, a trait that drives my boys crazy. I'm teaching them the very meaning of the word "equivocate."


Hey, does this mean I started a meme? I'm delighted to see How We Operate on your list—Gomez needs all the push they can get! There are other selections from your list that I haven't heard but am eager to lay my hands on, like that David Baerwald album. (I love David & David, and thought they were Sheryl Crow's true secret weapon on Tuesday Night Music Club.)
Hopefully some others will pick up on it. There were certainly albums on your list that would go on mine: Flaming Lips and Wilco come immediately to mind, but a lot of what you mentioned I'm unfamiliar with. Perhaps we should do each other a samples CD some day. For certain some of my picks will be mysterious to non-Canadians.

Baerwald is great, and so very different from Triage. And yeah, David + David was a great team; "Swallowed by the Cracks" is still one of my all-time faves.

Perhaps we should do each other a samples CD some day.

Sounds great to me! Though I could up the ante and put you on the distribution list for my CD Mix of the Month....
I'm all for that. Your eclectic mixes have often caught my eye.

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