Monday, February 19, 2007

The Week From Hell

Brennan didn't have pneumonia, thankfully, but his fever was bad enough to keep him out of school all week. As noted previously, I went skiing with Aidan's class on Thursday. Had a fall, slammed my head, and the resulting whiplash was enough so that I couldn't lift my head for a couple of days if I was lying down. Getting out of bed meant rolling over to fall off. And chewing an apple was next to impossible, since I couldn't get any action from my jaw.

On the weekend we worked together on Aidan's science fair project, and then he went and got sick with what Brenn had, so Sunday was a panic day as Jo tried to put the finishing touches on the write-ups and the display. The fact that the computer chose Sunday morning to have difficulties (for a time I was afraid I'd be gouging out my eyes at the thought of all that lost data, but it turned out to be a loose power connection, which will have to be fixed) only added to the fun. Oh, and as I backed out of my driveway that morning to take a CD to Staples to be printed, I backed into a giant block of ice that the city had deposited while cleaning the roads. Crunched the bumper, and the insurance company tells me I can't chase after the city for it.

Aidan's home sick today, of course. Last night he did some very weird sleep walking and talking. He's already prone to that (as I was as a kid), but the fever has brought it on something fierce.

I'm taking the week off of work and will hopefully still get some writing in. As it was, even with all the fun I managed another 900 words on Ghost Country, which is now up to 10,600.

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