Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Tunes to Enjoy

We've picked up a couple of new CDs here at Casa Murphy, both of which I'm keen enough about to mention here. First up is the new Joni Mitchell tribute album, titled (ironically enough), A Tribute to Joni Mitchell. The lead song, a version of "Free Man in Paris" by Sufjan Stevens is bizarre and catchy, alternately peaceful and breathy followed by catchy, early-Chicago (the band) style. I'm calling this one of my favorite songs so far of '07. There are some other excellent songs on the disc, some more faithful to the original than others, and I'll say that my number two pick for the CD would be Emmylou Harris' version of "Magdalena Laundries."

The other CD, which I got for Jo for Mother's Day yesterday, is The Story by Brandi Carlile. Go to her Myspace page and be blown away by the title track. When you hit the point just between 2:50 and 3:00 where Jo said, while listening to the tune for the first time, shouted (wearing headphones, dontcha know) "Oh, my," I dare you to no be affected by the wonder she works with her voice.


There was a joni tribute playing as musical theatre at Canadian theatre venues back in 2002 or 2003. I saw it at Prairie Theatre Exchange in Winnipeg. Her songs stick in memory. There are some comments on her songwriting style and her interactions with trained professional musicians s in Daniel Levitin's book "This is Your Brain on Music" She was a natural, untaught, genius.
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