Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Why the People at Global BC Television Are Buttheads

I don't ask for a lot in my life, but one of my pleasures as of late has been the series Heroes. It has been a remarkable run this season, certainly with some bumps along the way, but the show has me hooked but good. The same goes for Jo. And last night, with about ten minutes left in the episode (and three eps left in the season after that), Jo turned to me and said, "I want this to end right now!" She said that because she's so worked up about things, and wants to know everything that's happening, and wants to know right away.

For those of you who watch the show, last night took place in the year 2012, where the heroes are either being hunted by Homeland Security or else working for them. As things worked to a head, with heroes fighting each other left and right, two of them killed right there (and others killed earlier in the show), and all of a sudden we were down to an awesome duel about to take place between Sylar and Peter. Sylar flicked his wrists and both arms turned a fiery orange, Peter did the same and his hands turned a screaming blue/white, and I put my hands on my head and shouted "This has so much coolness my head is going to explode!"

All of this was during the 9pm showing on NBC. At that very moment, the asshats at Global down in Vancouver decided this was a good time to switch over to their simulcast feed since they air The Real Wedding Crashers alongside NBC, and we peons up here have to of course watch the Canadian commercials. And so, instead of seeing the culmination of this amazing battle, and seeing what Hiro Nakamura manages to do in trying to get back to his own time, I'm seeing frickin' ads for some bogus Global programming. Hell, the next show didn't even come on for another couple of minutes.

At first I blamed this on Shaw, but after some talking with a gal there today I learned that Global gets to do that themselves. When I phoned them today, I got transferred to the complaints line, which (surprise, surprise) was a voice mail. I'll update if I ever hear back, but unless plenty of other people are equally pissed (and the smart ones probably watched the 8pm showing on CTV; me, I missed that because of the boys), I suspect they'll right me off as just another crank.

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You may have to try a couple of different links to see which one works, but you can watch full episodes of Heroes on the net. Colin and I did this when we got back from Arizona, because we missed last week's ep.

That said... When I tried to connect on Global, it said that the video content was only available to Canadians. Ahem. Since when is Edmonton not in Canada???? That link is:


Select the show you want (right hand column), and you should get streaming video.

If you're deemed to be not Canadian enough to watch, try the NBC site (which *didn't* work for me on Sunday, go figure):


It occurs to me that maybe when we're at the lake on satellite (a Canadian subsidiary of an American company), maybe we appear to be not of this world (or at least country)?

Happy watching -- we couldn't survive without our weekly Heroes fix.
Hmmm. That didn't happen out here (although those inane wedding crasher commercials were omnipresent in the usual slots). They played the whole ep in Toronto.

Something happened in me as a result of that ep, btw. Heroes went from "pretty good but I don't see what all the shouting's about" right over into "holy shit this is great!" I think it was the intercuts during the faux-prez's speech to the nation that really did it for me, although the whole ep was just extremely cool.
Nice icon, Squid. :snorts:

Oh, and D -- Alyx says you look terrif in a fireman's hat (see her LJ for an explanation). Good thing it wasn't the same fire we were at!
I am so sorry; that really sucks!
Jena, I'll check out the Global link. NBC wasn't playing for me.

This is one series I think I'll end up owning on DVD.

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