Monday, July 30, 2007

A New Book in My Future

No, it isn't Napier's Bones. Bill Shunn, current Hugo and recent Nebula nominee, is my co-author on "Cast a Cold Eye," a novella which is due to be published as a stand-alone book in Spring/Summer 2009 (yes, you read that date right) by PS Publishing.

The story is about Luke Bryant, a young teen in the early 1920's who lost both his parents to the Spanish flu, and whose uncle loans him out as cheap labour to a traveling spirit photographer, Annabelle Tupper. It's a ghost story, of a sort, and we're both quite proud of it. Better yet, we only had to suffer through 1.5* rejections before it sold.

* I won't mention where the full value rejection came from, but Ellen Datlow had asked to look at it (and had really nice words for it) even though she had no current project, and another press elected not to even give it a read. So, 0.25 for each, arbitrarily.


Dude, we rock.
You do rock--well done, both of youse!
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