Tuesday, August 07, 2007

1001 Natural Wonders (First in a Series)

A few months ago we picked up one of those books that the zeitgeist seems to have dictated that Now is the time. This one is 1001 Natural Wonders You Must See Before You Die. These titles amuse me: imagine someone taking this so seriously that you begin to feel incomplete, way short of a complete list. Whatever will I do? Sell the house, give up the kids, all in a race to see everything on the list? What happens if I die and haven't ticked off all 1001? Will my obituary rather scoldingly comment on how poorly I did in my chase?

Well, knock my pathetic attempt all you want, but I'm going to list those few that I've managed to see. Not all at once, but I'll flip through the book and give them to you alphabetically over the next while, perhaps with little reviews.

Fist up: Hell's Gate here in BC. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that this fits the category, but I suppose it's possible that I'm just jaded because I live so close. The canyon itself is indeed pretty spectacular, and the ride via gondola over the rapids is mighty cool. But it sits right beside the highway, and the gondola and the suspension bridge bring a sense of civilization to the place that, to be honest, disappoints. And yet, the fact that people are able to stop and see the Gate without risking life and limb probably means something to many folk.

Plus, the hummingbirds that hang around the buildings on the other side are always pretty cool.

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