Monday, January 14, 2008

My Own List of 10 Things I've Done You Probably Haven't

John Scalzi has posted his own such list and it got me to thinking about whether or not I could come up with ten of my own. Let me take it for a spin here and see if I can manage:

1. Did a bungee jump backwards with a camera in my hand, taking self-portraits along the way.
2. Was a ball boy for a game involving Pele. He spoke to me, too ("Gimme the ball! Gimme the ball!").
3. Had drinks with the guy who co-wrote Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz."
4. Got lost in the Australian Outback.
5. Paddled a self-bailing inflatable raft over a ten-foot waterfall. And then went back for more.
6. Rolled my car 1.5X into a deep ditch at 90 km/h.
7. Had sun in my eyes wake me at 3am and crawled out of my tent to be greeted by the sight of a rare orchid.
8. Been propositioned by a female Burger King employee while in a police car at 1 in the morning.
9. Been "adopted" by US Marines and Navy personnel while they were on shore leave in Thailand.
10. Skydived as the sun set.

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