Saturday, February 02, 2008

An Interesting Experiment (And a Place to Find Some of My Stories)

Anthology Builder is a new site that takes story submissions (reprints, naturally) from authors and then offers them up to the public so that readers can, as the name suggests, build their own anthologies. This is a smart use of POD technology, I think, a way for people to find the stories that they want and to format them as desired (provided they want dead tree product, instead of digital). As the site grows I worry that it may grow a tad unwieldy, but right now there aren't too many stories up.

The pay is low, of course. It's a tiny percentage of each book, and not paid out until it passes the magical $20.00 barrier, which, unless I suddenly become remarkably popular, is a long time from now. But I'm cool with that. My name gets out to a few people, and stories that are currently not available anywhere else (or not too much, anyhow) get a new airing.

I have two offerings right now, and will roll a few more out soon, I think. Check them out here.

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