Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Happiest You Can Be Watching Something on the Web (Aside From Something With Puppies)

Where the Hell is Matt? is a video that shows that sometimes companies can agree to supporting things without looking self-serving and crass. This is the second version, and I believe the best. Be sure to poke around the site for more info on the video, on Matt, and on that dog in Kuwait. And then watch it again so you can discover more wonder.

Also, if the video is jumpy, shut off the HD option. The picture will still be pretty darn good.

Added later: This interesting article about Palbasha Siddique, the singer of "Praan," the song that accompanies the video. A song I downloaded today, incidentally.

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OMG, this absolutely made my day, Derryl. Thank you so much!
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