Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween 2008 (The Early Post)

Since I'm out of town for Halloween, I can't be here to revel in the great costumes the kids have this year. And so I thought I'd better get them dressed up tonight and take some pix so that the world can see.

One is Brennan, Mr. Trashmouth himself, the other Aidan, who plays a somewhat crazy hero from a comic about to become a movie.

We're pretty happy with both of these costumes. A lot of work went into making them right. Jo says she may try to do some white face paint on Aidan to make him blend in more with the mask on the 31st, but tonight for the pic it didn't make sense to go to that trouble. We had bought more opaque tights, but they were a) too difficult to see through, and b) too tight, and squished his nose up to the side. I had also investigated finding kinky BDSM masks, but I didn't look too hard, to be honest. ("Could you repeat that, sir? You want this for your 12 year old? Sure thing. Just stay there for a few moments while I make a quick phone call.")

As for Brennan, he'll be wearing an orange jacket to go with the bag. Bonus for us, this was easier than the Zombie Michael Jackson or Zombie Elvis that Brennan originally wanted to be. Maybe next year.

These are great.
Nominated for worst comicbook costume was my nephew who asked his parents (on his friends advice) if he could go as Spiderman, and my brother-in-law dressed his son up as accurately as possible as um a giant spider person. Apparently didn't believe in comic books. And they wonder why their son had no friends. *Sigh*
Great Costumes...

The boys look great...and getting big. wow.
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