Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Damn, I wish we had a politician who could capture our hearts and minds like that.


We do...
Dave, you know we can't have this argument unless we're sitting in Franklin's with a plate of fries and a tall glass of... something.

Hey Derryl,

Can I just say how awesome it is to have a US president that people in other countries would like to claim as their own? Wow... I'm a happy American. (And it's been a long time since I could say that.)
Congrats, David. I have to say, the atmosphere in Calgary as all of my American friends made their way through the days in anticipation was pretty electric, and it was something to see with the non-Americans as well.

Integrity by definition is someone whose life is consistant with their words. Who thought process is not subject to the whims of the press, the polls or the fancies of the latest scare technique.
Just because the press say something is so...or the intelligencia declare something as right proper and good does not make it so.

I wonder what history will say to these days?
"Latest scare technique?" Dave, what planet was that line from? Unless of course you're referring to the McCain campaign and their allies calling Obama a socialist, harping on about ACORN, about his tenuous connection with Ayers (who had long since renounced the violence he once practiced), and about his MIDDLE FREAKIN' NAME and the fear that he was secretly a Muslim, as if that should even matter.

If a crowd of people actually commented here (and quite obviously they don't) you'd be accused of trolling. Me, I'm not sure exactly what the reason is. Frankly, I'm saddened that I don't find myself surprised that you ignore any posts about my family and instead go for the throat with politics, both Canadian and American. Is this a sign you've given up on trying to convert me and instead just want to get some digs in?

History, if things go well, will say that these were the days we emerged from the shithole that was the first decade of the century. If things don't go well, then we'll have to see what the actual reason was. As it is, there's a whole lot of digging out that has to be done to get rid of the mess we're left with.


My intention in the political discussion was to bring in a voice of caution as the world marches to the drum beat of the newest sensation. When everyone is declaring Barak as the messiah, (see ABC WORLD NEWS) I am fearful to say the least.

Concerning your family...guilty as charged. Let me apologize for the ignorance that I demonstrated by not commenting on your family. Clearly, the Lord has blessed you beyond measure and you are raising your sons with the wonder and passion that I love about your spirit. I trust that you are doing well and that your wife is being loved and loving you with the depth that completes you as a team.

Lastly, concerning the area of "conversion" this remains my sadest thought when you come to my mind. As I lead people into a understanding of the love of God; see them discover their personal identity and are transformed by the power of the spirit, I think of you.Monthly, as I travel with those who find their journey of thinking ending at the foot of a cross and there find the meaning that their lives have been missing, I pray for you.

Derryl, I have been an ass in regards to your posts because I was just in the mood to joust. (sorry) Because you have equated my jousting with my spiritual passion for your spirit and your leadership I have undermined what God is doing in your life. I am truly sorry! (He is waiting you complete you in ways you cannot even imagine...) I have been a total fool.

It has been our ability to challenge each other that has been the strength of our friendship. It has been our differing opinions that has allowed our jousting to continue for years. But it has been our passion for each other that stirred us to reach higher, dream deeper, achieve more. May this never end.

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