Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Doing the Right Thing

Delaware finally gives legal status to equal rights for everyone, and Fred at Slacktivist has an excellent take on things here. An Alaskan protest over a similar issue is mentioned in the comments and worth noting for some of the photos.

This has relevance to me because my local MP, Brad Trost, has denounced federal funding for Toronto's Gay Pride parade. I have no dog in that hunt, as the saying goes, and can't speak to whether or not the money is well spent, at least as far as bringing in tourist dollars goes (although the fact that this is the largest North American gay pride event outside of San Francisco says something towards that). This obviously has nothing to do with the right to a job or the right to rent a place to live, but it does go to my MP taking his time focusing on a silly little issue to play to his base while ignoring everything else to means something to the vast majority of his constituents. Maybe Chalk River and the Tories refusal to deal with fixing that when it first came up? Or the economy?

Whatever. Saskatoon appears to have a plethora of idiotic MPs, and I frankly don't foresee any changes to that in the future. But good for Delaware, I say!

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