Friday, July 10, 2009

Today's Insane But Obviously Necessary News Article

Apparently, it's that psychics and numerologists have important things to tell us about Michael Jackson's life. When I went to CNN, this was the 3rd story down from the top on the "Latest News" feed. Thank goodness I know now that Jackson led a "six life path." I probably couldn't have made it through the day otherwise.


CNN, this is garbage. You're desire to make a buck has turned your viewing audience into a bunch of freaken idiots. Why don't you guys do some "real good" and broadcast news that matters. WE DON'T CARE ABOUT MICHAEL JACKSON ANYMORE!!! we need to be addressing the hell hole this nation is in, how to get Barack Obama out of office before he takes this country one more step back toward Nazi Germany. Psychics are a farce, just like 9/11, just like the left/right paradigm and just like Barack Obamas US citizenship. I'm ashamed and appalled by this company that Murdoch owns. Buzz Off CNN, we're sick of you!
"One more step back toward Nazi Germany?" InfoWarrior, I did categorize this post under "Idiots" but that didn't mean I was inviting them to comment. Holy crap.

BTW, Murdoch owns Fox, not CNN.
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