Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Call to Arms

Nicola Griffith posts a horrible and sad story about a woman and her children who were denied access to her dying spouse, all because they were lesbians and they happened to be in an "anti-gay city and state."

Here's my take: gay marriage won't even have a chance to "ruin" so-called "traditional" marriage because traditionalists (and three guesses just who I'm talking about here) will do there level best to ruin the gay marriages first. The death of Lisa Pond and the treatment of her spouse and children are an awful, avoidable loss, but when you get to the bigger picture (saying that knowing that death is indeed the big picture, but looking beyond the one tragedy with the sad knowledge that this will not be a one-time issue) the losses we will see are of dignity, respect, and humanity. I'll leave it to you to decide which side loses which.

As a final point, I don't live in Washington and so can't vote on this matter, but I can let my voice be heard in my own circles. Which starts here and in my other online venues, but is sure to move to the wider world.

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