Monday, January 18, 2010

Over 1/3 of New Jersey Conservatives Think Obama Might be (or, Actually, IS) the Anti-Christ

Uh huh. "Resentful because they've been left behind" does sound like a decent description to me. Watch the interview here.

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Does the contention that People of Faith as described by Frank Schaeffer are a danger to the ones in the know, bother anyone?
Does his broad brush contention that people of faith are people who have been left behind in science, art, society etc sit well with you? When real scientific, artistic, and social equality breakthroughs are continually being forged by men and woman of faith. (as they have been for Martin Luther King Jr, William Willberforce, Mother Teresa just to name a few.)
And now because of a poll that simply makes no sense within logic or normality (I would love to see the question...not the spin) they reject all people of faith?
Does this social indoctrination that Christianity is ignorant strike you as being a tad lopsided?Just thought I would ask...
Will the lines of communication be opened again... or have I like the good Frank Schaeffer encouraged been considered too dangerous to have next door?
The question can be seen at this PDF location:

Note that liberals also look like idiots regarding their belief that GWB knew in advance about 9/11, although I would suggest that they look like lesser idiots.
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