Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Scene I'd Love to See in the Next Star Trek Movie


CAPTAIN KIRK sits at his chair.

SULU and CHEKHOV man their stations, as do UHURA and SPOCK.

McCOY stands beside Kirk.

Behind Kirk, the turbolift door opens and SCOTTY enters the bridge, followed by another male crew member whose face we do not see.

She'll be ready to go any time you are, Captain.

KIRK turns his chair to face SCOTTY.

Thank you, Mr. Scott.

In the background, we see the other crew member wandering around the bridge, looking at various pieces of equipment and their displays. He has yet to turn towards the camera. For the first time, KIRK seems to notice him.


SPOCK looks up from the display he has been watching.

KIRK points at the crew member and stands.

Now everyone on the bridge is paying attention, watching KIRK and the crew member.

SPOCK walks over to stand near KIRK.

(still quietly)
Does his behavior seem a little... strange to you?

(eyebrow arched)
Almost everything humans do seems strange to me, Captain. But yes, in this instance I can perceive no reason for a member of the crew to be on the bridge and acting this way.

By now the crew member has walked back towards the turbolift, back still turned to the crew and to the camera.

As KIRK approaches him the lift doors open and he steps in.

Just before the lift doors close, the crew member turns and smiles widely at KIRK, revealing his face.

I like what you've done with the place.

Q disappears in a flash of light before the lift doors can close.

End of scene. Of course, John DeLancie would be the right guy for the job. Less than a minute, somewhere near the beginning, I'm thinking.

JJ Abrams, I'm looking at you here! Because, of course, it's highly unlikely you're looking at me.

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I like it...
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