Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Because this sort of thing deserves all the attention it can get

More about priestly sex abuse, this time showing how Alaska was a veritable dumping ground for priests whose proclivities for child rape (among other things), since it was off the grid and easy to hide them there. A lot of these crimes were still happening into this century (and many were committed on girls and women, which rules out Bill Donohue's loutish theory about homosexuals), and I'll warn you that it is not easy reading.

Katha Politt in the Chicago Tribune has an editorial on the matter: "A papal resignation and pedophile priests" which is worth reading. In Canada, of course, the matter of Graham James shows that there are issues with child sexual abuse that are not related to the church, including decisions seeming made on high regarding the criminal's status. Although with James, at least, he did serve time.

Perhaps next time out I can focus on Protestants, but I'll tell you now there's a new steaming pile of crap presented to me just about every day, and it may be awhile before my gaze wavers.

(Via Pharyngula, which will probably be proof enough to many that this is worth ignoring)

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