Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Novel Sale!

I'm pleased to announced that Napier's Bones, the book for which I received a Canada Council grant to research and write and which one wag had dubbed "the best book you may never get to read," has been sold to CZP, ChiZine Publications.

I'm also excited and relieved, as you might imagine. The contract has been signed, and Napier's Bones is now on their publication schedule for May 2011 release. There will apparently be a limited edition hardcover, a regular edition trade paperback, as well as eBooks, and it will be much more easily available than my previous two books.

CZP books look great: if you haven't seen them, get to a bookstore and look at (and buy, of course) David Nickle's Monstrous Affections, Claude Lalumiere's Objects of Worship, or Douglas Smith's Chimerascope, all of which are excellently produced books with, it should go without saying, fabulous fiction on the inside. And yes, the three mentioned are friends of mine. All of this is to say that I'm in excellent company and am really looking forward to seeing the final product, not just because it will be so nice to finally have this book on the shelves and in my hands, but also because I'm quite keen to see what they do with it.

For those of you unfamiliar with it, Napier's Bones is my mathematical dark fantasy/suspense thriller with helpings of baseball and hockey and Romantic period literature thrown in. Hopefully it will be the best mathematical dark fantasy/suspense thriller with baseball and hockey and Romantic lit novel you'll ever read. At least for that year.

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Welcome to the CZP family, Derryl! -- it was just a matter of time before you joined us.
Thanks, Claude. I'm happy with the company I'll be keeping, that's for sure.
Let the 'one of us' chanting begin.

Congratulations, Derryl! You are in - well, not good company. Shall we say, morally flexible company?

Yes, that. Welcome aboard.
Morally flexible works for me. Thanks!
What a lovely introduction and an interesting alternative - well done
עוזרת בית

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