Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Publication Date for Napier's Bones

While I have yet to see it on CZP's website, publisher Brett Alexander Savory has announced on Facebook the Spring 2011 lineup for their books, and I'm surprised and pleased to note that I've been pushed from an initial suggested date of May to March 15. Says Brett, in talking about some of the newer authors they'll be publishing (to go along with a whole slate of returning authors):

But this doesn’t mean that CZP is shy on new authors, according to Savory. “Next spring’s line-up is quite diverse, both in terms of the authors and the books themselves. Whether it’s the mathematical-alchemy-driven Napier’s Bones (by Derryl Murphy), the ultra-hardboiled crime fiction Every Shallow Cut (by multiple-award-winning author Tom Piccirilli), or the dark fantasy The Isles of the Forsaken (by Carolyn Ives Gilman), we are still pushing the envelope when it comes to diversifying our list and the authors as well.”

He also notes:

As with all CZP titles, hardcovers, trade paperbacks, and eBooks will be released at the same time. Pre-ordering for the March hardcovers will begin in October.

Hear that? Napier's Bones will be available for pre-order next month! The countdown has started.

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Can't wait to read it. I keep checking the CZP site but it's not there yet; your publisher is a big tease. ;-)

I did snag a different book from CZP in the meanwhile that I might not otherwise have stumbled across, so I suppose I mustn't grumble. But still, I'm anxious to read Napier's Bones, and *really* pleased CZP will publish the ebook version at the same time as the paper versions.
Thanks, Carrington, I'll make sure to post it here as soon as I know. And I have asked my editor for a more specific ordering date.

BTW, no DRM on the ebook, which pleases me.
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