Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When Photography Means Something

I've mentioned W. Eugene Smith before. There's an award named after him, and it has recently been awarded to Darcy Padilla, for an incredible series of photos taken over almost 18 years. It's a tough, honest, and heartbreaking look at a life that didn't go well.

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Even though I was supposed to be in town by 11 to meet my brother for lunch, I sat going through the photos and commentary, bawling like a baby, until I finished it. To say it's powerful or moving doesn't even begin to describe the heart and depth and tragedy captured by his camera.

Thanks for sharing,

P.S. By blowing down the back roads at 120, I was only 5 min late for lunch.
Amazing stuff indeed, Jena. Did you listen to any audio files?
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