Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We Have Some Winners!

The numbers have been tallied, and after some adding and subtracting of those same numbers, I've arrived at the list of winners for the Napier's Bones contest. The nice surprise for me was how many people came very close to picking the right number. While some I could dismiss right away, I actually had to go back and make sure about who was closer in several cases, at least twice for each prize.

I'll send an email to each of the winners, but the announcement goes up here first. And so, after inserting the obligatory drum roll:

3rd Prize - The winner of the poster, signed by Martin Springett and me, is Eileen Bell. My number was 1646, and Eileen picked 1630.

2nd Prize - The winner of the trade paperback, signed by me, is Winnifred Smit. My number was 1986, and Winnifred picked 1973.

1st Prize - And the big winner of the signed and numbered hardcover is Charity Fraser. My number was 697, and Charity picked 765.

Congratulations to all of the winners. You'll hear from me probably before you see this post, and soon you'll see your prizes. And thanks again to everyone who entered.

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