Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Napier's Review Rolls In

Missy's Reads & Reviews has some nice things to say about the book, including: "...this was a great read, fast-paced with an explosive beginning and equally entertaining reading. There's the definite feel of an Urban Fantasy read to it, but other than that it is like nothing that I've ever read before. It's a book to add to your TBR lists, for sure."

On the weekend I had lunch with Guy Gavriel Kay, and he and I were talking about review sites compared to more traditional venues in print, and he expressed his belief that these are the way things are going, with fewer and fewer column inches being devoted to print reviews. That's been my experience, too, with pretty much nothing coming from the local press or from Edmonton (where I used to live, where some of Napier's Bones takes place, and where I once wrote an award-nominated SF review column), and also seeing the larger publications, such as the Globe & Mail, severely cut back what they once had.

It intrigues me to come upon all of these online review sites, and I look forward to finding more. They represent readers who want to still want to discover new works, who care about the written word, and I'm pleased that they have jumped in to fill the void.

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