Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Final Day in New York

Today was a bit slower. I did get to one B&N to sign more copies of Napier's Bones, as well as the Strand (where they were for some reason filed under Fiction. I personally didn't mind this, but sober second thought led me to believe that people looking for them would more likely go straight to SF/F). I also hit the Museum of Natural History, which was every bit as marvelous (and crazy busy) as last time. The weather was cool enough I could see my breath, but instead of going inside somewhere to eat I bought a hot dog from a street vendor. For supper I got a sandwich at a deli down the street from where I'm staying in Astoria, and it was quite good.

Tonight, after some hemming and hawing about what time it would be (initial suggestions had me there from 2-3am!), I will be at WBAI recording Hour of the Wolf with Jim Freund from 9-10pm, then rushing back to force myself to sleep before heading out to the airport at about 4:30am. Because it isn't live I obviously won't be taking phone calls, but we'll chat about the book, about writing, I'll read something, and probably listen bemusedly as Jim surprises me with a variety of questions. Should be fun.

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